Reseller Agreement Commission

Reseller assigns to Wishponmit all right, title and interest it may have now or in the future in the Inventions in effect at the time of creation, including, but not limited to, all copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, trade names, service marks, patents and other applicable protections or extensions, renewals or reissues thereof relating to the Inventions in any jurisdiction under any jurisdiction. Jurisdiction has been granted or may be granted to national laws or international conventions, associations, agreements, acts or treaties (the “Intellectual Property Protection”), and Reseller waives its moral rights in all copyrights that exist in the Inventions. If requested by Wishpond, Reseller will sign any application or other document that Wishpond may reasonably request: (i) to obtain or maintain intellectual property protection for the Inventions, (ii) to transfer ownership of the Inventions and/or protection of intellectual property to Wishpond or to one or more candidates designated by Wishpond, and (iii) to assist Wishpond in all proceedings; necessary for the protection and preservation of inventions and/or the protection of intellectual property. Wishpond will cover all costs associated with the preparation and submission of these documents. The parties acknowledge and agree that the provisions of this Section 5.4 shall survive the termination of this Agreement. Others believe that the renewal rates with or without resellers are similar and that the added value of resellers is therefore low. It all depends on the adhesion of your product, the market segment, the competition, etc. Of course, to determine the right percentage of the commission, you need to have a good idea of the average LTV (lifetime value) of your customers as well as the TCV (total contract value). Between Reseller and Wishpond, Marketing, all demographic and other information relating to customers, resellers and potential resellers, systems and all software, documentation, materials, equipment, devices, models, tools, documents, processes, methods, know-how, websites and any additional intellectual or other property used by or on behalf of Wishpond or otherwise related to Wishpond, and all copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and all other related and related proprietary rights (collectively, the “Wishpond Property”) are and will remain the sole and exclusive property of Wishpond.

To the extent that, if any, ownership of the Wishpond Property is not automatically transferred to Wishpond under this Agreement or otherwise, Reseller hereby transfers all right, title and interest that Reseller may have in and to such Wishpond Property, including the right to sue and recover for past property, present and future violations thereof. Any single user (company) who has signed up for a paid Wishpond account and has been introduced by a reseller who has actively promoted the Wishpond program and has been accredited by Wishpond for the Wishpond program. A Customer may not be a business opened by a Reseller and/or owned by a Reseller for which that Reseller charges commissions or set-off under this Agreement. It is at Wishpond`s sole discretion whether or not a particular Wishpond customer is accredited to the Wishpond Program. Reseller represents and warrants to Wishpond that Reseller`s performance of this Agreement and Reseller`s performance of its obligations under this Agreement will not result in an agreement to which Reseller is a party or by which Reseller is an agreement or by which Reseller is a party or by which Reseller is a party or by which Reseller is or may be an agreement; does not or will not constitute a breach or termination of any agreement. limit. Many SaaS companies employ customer success teams that take over once the customer has been signed by a reseller. Your job is to make sure the customer is satisfied, but also to identify upsell opportunities for direct sellers. But in general, affiliates don`t get paid for the upsell because they`re not the ones who generate it.

It is therefore a decision that must be made based on the challenges you face. It also depends on whether or not some of the work is done by the reseller, i.e. level 1 support, etc. The parties acknowledge and agree that the relationship between Reseller and Wishpond is not that of an employee and employer, but Reseller is an independent contractor and is responsible for all payments that must be made as Reseller to any state tax authority or agency or otherwise. Reseller hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Wishpond harmless from and against all expenses, costs and liabilities thereof. In this article, we describe the models typically used by SaaS companies to pay their partners, as well as commission levels. The effective performance of Reseller`s obligations requires Wishpond`s highest level of integrity and full confidence in Reseller`s relationship with other Wishpond Resellers and with all persons with whom Resellers deal. Reseller is responsible for ensuring that it behaves professionally and commercially at all times and matches Wishpond`s brand image. Therefore, it is not recommended to pay your partners on this basis. If you think your apple cider vinegar is too low to make the partner`s commission attractive, it`s better to increase the percentage than the basis of calculation. .